Friday, September 21, 2012

Computer software introduction

Computer Software (China and Hong Kong terms, Taiwan for the software, in English: Software) is a specific order and instructions organized collection of computer data. In general, software is divided into programming languages? systems software, application software and middleware in between. Software can not only include the computer (where the computer is broad computer) running on a computer program, computer programs associated with these documents generally considered part of the software. Simply put, the software is the program plus a collection of documents. It also refers to other management systems in the social structure, ideology, ideological and political consciousness, laws and regulations and so on.

Autoclave process status display: a set of flash sterilization process indicates the variety of the current situation. Traditional use of electric filament hot sterilizer steam, and can maintain a certain pressure devices. There are a barrel can be sealed, pressure gauge, exhaust valve, safety valve, electric wire and so on. Low-temperature sterilizer sterilizing mechanism according to the different, into ethylene oxide (EO) low-temperature sterilization, hydrogen peroxide plasma (plasma) sterilization, low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilizer (LTSF).

Autoclave pulse exhaust system. Safely and quickly to the culture medium sterilization, pulse exhaust system to promote sterilization. Compartment (inside) to accelerate the exhaust to make the medium after sterilization to cool down as soon as possible (to avoid boiling or medium risk of overflow, the sterilization chamber to come up).

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